“I always love to see the progress made from the beginning of the year to the end.” 

Though this is her first year teaching middle school, Jessica Hocutt, of Pelham Park Middle, spent the last six years teaching 5th grade English Language Arts.  She said, “I thoroughly enjoy teaching as it allows me an opportunity to help future leaders grow… Attending school doesn’t always mean schoolwork. It also means learning responsibility and how to become a great citizen.”


 She became a teacher because she is committed to the growth of her students, both as individuals and as students. This can be best encapsulated with her teaching philosophy:

"It is more important to become a leader and learn responsibility. You may have the highest average in the class, but having leadership is the best trait."

When asked on her teacher recommendations, Jessica gave several great picks (see here for more), but her top choice is Tuck Everlasting.

“It truly allows students to spend time in another life. The book gives unforgettable descriptions of the real world as well as humor that forces you to use your critical thinking skills. The story helps people think about right and wrong. Would you want to be "Everlasting?"”

Outside of the classroom, Jessica has been married to her wonderful husband, Reade, for 5 years. They have a two-year old son, Graham, and a lab, Ace. They love spending time at the lake, enjoying both the outdoors and quality time with friends and family.

Jessica, thank you so much for sitting down with us! Check our her reading recommendations (and more) here!