There is no denying Riley Logsdon’s passion for teaching and for her students. As a third-grade teacher at Hall-Kent Elementary, Riley pours love into her classroom, focused on helping her little ones grow their imagination, excitement for learning, and character.

Growing up, she had a great example of what a caring educator looked like. Her grandmother served as a counselor in Homewood for 30 years. On her grandmother, Riley says, “She is my role model, and I wanted to follow in her footsteps. She left a legacy in Homewood by showing love and compassion to all of her students. I hope that one day I will be able to touch the lives of my students like she did.”

Now on her own, Riley brings her enthusiasm into her teaching, practiced through years of dancing, singing, and cheerleading. At the beginning of each school year, Riley has her students imagine a world without reading. The conversation turns enlightening (and funny) as students realize how important reading is to their daily lives. Riley knows the importance that reading has not just for academic success but also for growing her students’ imaginations, knowledge, and experiences. 

“I focus on allowing my kids to read books that meet their interests and reading abilities – anything to open the door and get them excited about reading! The more excitement students have… the more motivation they will have to continue reading and expanding their interests.” 

But Riley doesn’t just want her students to be learners. She wants them to grow into leaders, too. Her class theme, Logsdon’s Lighthouse, helps her achieve this goal. 

“Our whole year is centered around becoming “Lighthouse Leaders.” I explain how, when it is dark, a lighthouse lights the way for ships to arrive safely. The students learn to lead the way for others by showing kindness and working hard, even when it is not easy. The students learn to celebrate diversity when we discuss that all lighthouses are different, but they are all important…I hope my students will always remember what it means to “shine bright” as a “lighthouse leader”. 

Outside of the classroom, Riley is preparing for something exciting in December – her wedding! To this she says, “I’m looking forward to teaching my students my new last name!”

Riley, thank you for being a light for your students and for sharing your passion with Little Professor!

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