Jana Flinkow’s love of her work is two-fold; she both loves her students and loves the content of her teaching. Jana has been a history teacher in the Homewood School System for the last 13 years, first teaching World History at Homewood Middle and now teaches 10th grade AP US History and Early US History at Homewood High. 


She found her way into teaching because of a passion for history and of a desire to instill that passion in others. Also, because of experience working with YoungLife at Auburn, she knew she loved working with teenagers:

“I had a deep love for history and wanted others to love it as well. History was more than dates and events to me, it was people and their stories.  I wanted young students to gain a love for history and other people's stories.... I wanted to help. I wanted to be a part of someone's story.” 

Because her work is rooted in stories, it is natural that reading plays a huge role in her classroom and in the subject matter. For AP US History, her students are required to create dialogues and arguments around topics covered. As a prerequisite to this, students must be able to delve into the material and analyze historical documents - this required “A LOT” of reading. 

“The best way to learn the content is to read! History is stories. What better way to learn the stories than read.”

History aside, though, Jana hopes that by the end of the year her students know how deeply she cares for them and how strongly she wishes for their future success.

“I want them to know they are seen, they are heard, and they are cared for! I want my students to know I love them.”

Jana also spends time outside of the classroom helping her school in additional ways. She serves as the Beta Club Sponsor and Homewood High School's Instructional Partner - “meaning I work with teachers new to HHS and their mentors.”

Once her teacher hat hangs by the door, Jana plays mom to two. Her oldest  just started at Hall-Kent this year. “I love Homewood!”

Thank you, Jana, for sitting down with us! Jana has an awesome list of reading recommendations, with books that cover topics like WW2, racial injustice, and more. Check out those (and other teacher recommendations) here!