Little Professor's Owner Thoughts on Prime Day: Local is the New Global

Local is the New Global

Isn’t it crazy that Amazon decides to put things (we don’t even need) on sale, and everyone else jumps into the fray?

Low prices have always been the way large companies acquire (and keep) customers, until those same customers start to examine the methods & practices that enable such low prices. More of us start to question exactly what we’re implicated in.

A recent survey polled 2,000 U.S. consumers, and found that nearly 40% said they felt guilty after shopping on Amazon. Why? Because we’re all starting to realize the unintended consequences of their win-at-all-costs global expansion.
What can we as consumers do? Love local!


  • Frequent the shops you cherish
  • Support your neighbors
  • Point tax revenue to schools, local government & infrastructure
  • Make a consistent effort to ‘prop up’ your community

Loving local nurtures and grows the culture, stability, and connectivity of our communities instead of extracting from them. So while you’re flooded with random deals today, we wanted to say how much we love our customers and appreciate your support. Together, we’ve built a remarkable turnaround story on what it means to love locally and deeply. And it’s only just beginning.