Big Book of Mediterranean Diet Cooking: 200 Recipes and 3 Meal Plans for a Healthy Lifestyle


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Give your diet a Mediterranean makeover--a complete guide with 200 healthy, tasty recipes and 3 meal plans

The Mediterranean diet is known not only for its health and longevity benefits but also for the vibrant flavors found in regional staples like sun-ripened tomatoes, savory olive oil, fresh fish, and hearty whole grain bread. Whether you're new to this way of life or you grew up eating a Mediterranean diet, The Big Book of Mediterranean Diet Cooking offers flavorful, heart-healthy dishes for everyone.

Packed with 200 mouthwatering recipes, tons of information, and three convenient meal plans to help you get started, this is the only Mediterranean diet cookbook you'll need. Save time in the kitchen with simple, everyday recipes that use ingredients you can find at your local grocery store, like Baked Eggs with Roasted Red Peppers, Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken, and Falafel in Pita.

The Big Book of Mediterranean Diet Cooking includes:

  • Customizing your approach--Explore three complete meal plans focused on weight loss, heart health, and overall wellness to help you ease into the Mediterranean diet and address specific concerns.
  • A guide to Mediterranean living--Get a detailed breakdown of the main Mediterranean food groups, as well as the origins and benefits of this healthy lifestyle.
  • Mediterranean must-haves--Discover a practical guide to stocking your kitchen with Mediterranean essentials, including dry goods, herbs and spices, and fridge favorites.

Adopt a Mediterranean diet for heart health, weight loss, and overall wellness--these delicious recipes and helpful meal plans will show you the way.