Stoicism and the Art of Happiness: Discover Stoic Philosophy and Learn to Be Super Efficient. Discover in 7 Days the Ancient Art to Develop Self-Disci


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Every day you got 86400 minutes of life. Everyone dies, but few live a "Legendary" life, worthy of a "Modern Hero," like "the Hero inside you!"

You're the best "Leader of yourself."

Say goodbye to loss of control and forget depression, anger, greed, fear of the unknown.

Learn to develop your skills, master the art of gratitude, and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Do you want to know the principles of stoic philosophy and discover the art of happiness?

You know you are unique! Do you want to empower the hero inside you?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, "Stoicism and the Art of Happiness" is the right book for you - so keep listening!

"Stoicism and the Art of Happiness" includes a Stoic introduction, and demonstrating of how this ancient ideology can still lead us to a better existence.

This manuscript provides a set of practical and theoretical notions to learn how to master the negative emotions we face during our lifetime, turning them into opportunities for growth and personal success; all of this, taking advantage of the example of Stoic thinkers. You can learn methods to relieve stress and avoid distress from unpleasant situations or past circumstances, which allows you to develop your courage and take responsibility for your happiness.

From Marcus Aurelius, we know the importance of valuing only objects of true value, and from Epictetus, we know how to be more satisfied with what we have.

Being stoic means promoting positivity and self-control by recognizing the volatility of performance; moreover, you take responsibility for your feelings and your realization.

Understanding the stoic philosophy allows you to be "Super Efficient" and helps you to be more "Resilient."

Do you want to improve your mental flexibility?

Do you want to be in control of your life?

Do you want to be a better leader?

It is very easy to find solutions to these questions. "I'm here to help you."

Here are some of the things you will learn in 7 days from "Stoicism and the Art of Happiness"

- The origin of Stoicism

- The modern use of Stoicism

- The fundamental principles

- Basics and beliefs

- The spiritual character of Stoicism

- Practical methods to create the virtues of self-discipline from Stoicism

- What the stoic virtues mean

- The cardinal virtues

- Steps to exercise Stoicism in everyday life

- Productivity Stoicism four

- The philosophical project of Stoicism for productivity

- Stoicism, the greatest weapon against procrastination

- Methods to manage anger with Stoicism

- The emotional force in Stoicism

- Stoic keys that will help you build emotional hardness and more

"Stoicism and the Art of Happiness" concretely helps you to understand the secrets that rule the development of self-realization.

Stoic philosophy and its fundamental principles help you to forge a strong mentality, allowing you to achieve the success you deserve.

Think like a "modern stoic."

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