Vegan Asian: A Cookbook: The Best Dishes from Thailand, Japan, China and More Made Simple


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Discover the best and most popular Asian foods transformed into healthful vegan meals. Jeeca Uy, creator of the popular blog The Foodie Takes Flight, specializes in simple vegan cooking that's accessible for anyone, anywhere. Because Jeeca lives in the Philippines without easy access to specialty ingredients, you won't need to make special trips to an Asian market or Whole Foods to prepare these family-friendly meals. You might even have all you need right at home! Jeeca even includes a bonus chapter of make-your-own basics and sauces if you need an quick and easy teriyaki sauce or vegan fish sauce.

Take your taste buds on a trip to Thailand for pad thai or green curry. Delight in Japanese yaki soba and Indonesian fried rice. From dumplings to pho and everything in between, enjoy all the delicious flavors you love, made completely from plants! With this cookbook, you'll be amazed to see how simple and tasty Asian cooking can be on a vegan diet.